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Gankanda Central College                                                                                                                                                            Pelmadulla.
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Gankanda College is a highly venerated educational precinct with an unblemished record of producing great academicians and professionals in the history of education in our country. The year 2010 marked the important milestone in the history of Gankanda Central College, Pelmadulla.

Through so many hardships the school completed its 81st anniversary on March 3. When we flash back the history of Gankanda College, there we find three brothers called, "Punchimahattaya Gankanda", "Dingirimahattya Gankanda" and "Heenmahattaya Gankanda”, the famous philanthropists who had started this school and it has been ceremonially opened by Sir.D.B.Jayathilaka in 1929 with 40 students and 4 teachers. Under the concept introduced by Dr.C.W.W.Kannagara, the school was also changed into the status of a Central College on January 1, 1946 (This date has been established by the successive administrative structures of the school as the school's anniversary).

Keeping abreast with time the college made a few changes and ultimately it became a High school and a National school, due to the dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of the past principals. The school has become a prestigious one and also it has produced a large number of alumni, not only for our Island, but also for the whole world.

Under these circumstances the school's uniqueness has been demonstrated throughout eight decades. In the face of competitive exams, sports and from other co-curricular activities, the college has emerged victorious among other schools.

On account of this a lot of students from other schools in the Ratnapura district come to our college and the majority of them are scholarship holders. With brimming happiness we can say, that we have a unique Past Pupils' Association. Furthermore, I'm grateful to all the beloved teachers of my school, who guide us to go through our school career. This has helped us to gain a lot of victories.

Behind all this huge victories, there is a silent person who guides us to take our school to this status. He is non other than our beloved Principal, Neel DhammikaWatukarawatta. Firstly he cultivated positive attitudes in our minds. Then he headed to renovate our school as the pride of the city of gems. The major reason is, that he educated here from grade 6 to A\L in his alma mater. Then he took a lot of steps  tomake Gankanda as the prominent college .

Also we use this opportunity to commemorate our pioneers, well wishers, their excellencys’ the presidents and ministers who helped us to enrich our studies. We're not stranded on the sea, or gone to seeds, we are steering our gigantic ship through the 21 st century, towards a new era called, "Gankanda".


1 .Mr.T.C.I Ekanayaka. 2 .Mr.A.V. Gunapala. 3 .Mr. Keerthi Dissanayake.
4 .Mr.K.H.B. De Silva. 5 .Mr.P.Wattegama. 6 .Mr. William Thambawita.
7 .Mr.N.S. Amarasinghe. 8 .Mr.A.P.Wickramasingha. 9 .Major C.V. De S.Senapathirathna.
10 .Mr.V.D.S Gunasekara. 11 .Mr.S.Abayawikrama. 12 .Mr.Stanly.P.Walisingha.
13/15/17 Mr.P.H .Premasiri. 14 .K.W.V. Kotalawala. 16 . Mr.S.A.Danapala.
18/21 .Mr.D.S.Mananperi. 19 .Mr. H.K.U.K.Weerawardana. 20 .Mr. N.P. Hubat.
22 .Mr. A.K.D Piyadasa. 23 .Mr. H.W.N.K. Ekanayake. 24 .Mr.W. Wimal Jayasekara.
25 .Mr. G.A.Jayasundara    

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